UN denies rumours of new Libya peace 'roadmap'

UN denies rumours of new Libya peace 'roadmap'
the UN mission in Libya regularly has to dispel rumours and "fake news" targeting their work.
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29 December, 2022
All sides in Libya's conflict have been observed engaging in misinformation campaigns [Getty images]

The UN has denied rumours of a “new road map” for the Libyan peace process on Wednesday, after online reports alleged that Special Representative Abdoulaye Bathily was set to announce a new framework to try and form a new government. 

“This sort of fake news is aimed at generating confusion about the current political process,” said the United Nations Support Mission in Libya

Earlier in 2022, UNSMIL was also forced to publicly denounce a “fabricated” letter from acting head Raisedon Zenanga which made its way into Libyan newspapers and social media.  

The letter included false details of negotiations with both of Libya’s competing governments. 

“The Mission warns against this and reiterates its call for all sides to avoid any incendiary actions or rhetoric that may threaten Libya’s fragile stability.”

Rumours that UNSMIL are preparing to launch a new initiative seem to come seasonally; at the end of 2021, the mission had to deny that Stephanie Williams was planning a fresh roadmap just before election took place. 

The UN has overseen several faltering attempts to kickstart dialogue between warring parties in Libya since 2014, and enjoys varying levels of popularity across the country. 

The media landscape in Libya suffers acutely from misinformation spread by local and international actors seeking to gain a foothold in the public sphere.

“Divisions within Libya’s civil war have been amplified by foreign-sponsored disinformation campaigns. Reconciliation and peacebuilding will require local actors to reclaim Libya’s digital spaces,” said The Africa Center for Strategic Studies.