UN chief accuses Israel of misinformation, without naming it

UN chief accuses Israel of misinformation, without naming it
The UN chief hit back at Israel for spreading misinformation, responding to claims that he was siding with the Palestinian Hamas group.
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Guterres spoke to a news conference on information integrity, but did not name Israel [Getty/file photo]

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres accused Israel on Monday of spreading misinformation about him during the more than eight-month-long war in the Gaza Strip.

"I've heard the same source many times saying that I never attacked Hamas, that I never condemned Hamas, that I am a supporters of Hamas," Guterres told a news conference on information integrity, without naming Israel.

"I have condemned Hamas 102 times, 51 of them in formal speeches, the others in different social platforms," he said. "The truth, in the end, always wins."

Israel's U.N. Ambassador Gilad Erdan said the condemnations by Guterres were "empty words when compared to his actions."

"His sole aim has been to help Hamas survive this war. We find it despicable that the secretary-general refuses to abide by the U.N.'s standards and paints a distorted picture of events on the ground," Erdan said. "Antonio Guterres is an accomplice to terror and should resign today."

Relations between the U.N. and Israel have long been fraught and have only worsened during Israel's war on Gaza.

Israel accused the U.N. of being biased against it and has accused U.N. staff of working with Hamas and other militants. The U.N. is investigating some of the allegations, but has said in many cases it is yet to received evidence from Israel.