UK says Russia has 'largely' used up its stock of Iran-made weapons

UK says Russia has 'largely' used up its stock of Iran-made weapons
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23 November, 2022
The UK Ministry of Defence said on Wednesday that Russia had 'largely used' its stock of Iranian-made weapons to attack Ukrainian military targets and Kyiv's electricity grid.
Russia has used a number of Iranian ''kamikaze drone'' on towns and cities in Ukraine [source: Getty]

Russia has likely launched a number of Iranian-manufactured un-crewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) against Ukraine since September, Britain's Ministry of Defence said on Wednesday.

It's also likely that Russia has nearly exhausted its current stock of Iran-made weapons and will seek resupply, the ministry said in its daily intelligence update posted on Twitter.

The Russian attacks have been a combination of UAVs and traditional reusable armed systems, it added. 

Ukraine has reported a spate of Russian attacks with Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones

Iran's foreign minister acknowledged that his country supplied Russia with drones for the first time on November 5, insisting the transfer came before Moscow's invasion of Ukraine 

Previously, Iranian officials had denied arming Russia in its war on Ukraine.