UAE security services 'torture' visiting Qatari officials, lawsuit alleges

UAE security services 'torture' visiting Qatari officials, lawsuit alleges
Three prominent Qataris were allegedly illegally imprisoned, beaten and tortured at the hands of UAE security services, according to a case filed by a human rights lawyer in London.
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12 September, 2017
Three Qatari nationals allege they were imprisoned and tortured by the UAE [AFP]

Three Qatari officials were tortured when visiting the UAE, a British human rights lawyer has alleged.

The three Qataris, one of whom is reportedly close to Qatar's head of security services, have not yet been named - but have submitted evidence to British human rights lawyer Rodney Dixon QC that they were tortured by the UAE security forces.

The Qataris were allegedly illegally imprisoned, beaten and tortured. They blame 10 senior Emirati officials.

Rodney Dixon QC's office has confirmed to The New Arab that the case was filed on Tuesday morning and will be handed to London's Metropolitan Police for investigation.

The Met will potentially now find itself in the middle of the Gulf diplomatic crisis. The 1988 Criminal Justice Act allows the British police to investigate crimes happening outside of the UK, which will then lead to the arrest of the perpetrators - should they enter the UK.

The UAE security services are notorious for their alleged torture tactics.

Earlier this year, reports emerged that Emirati prisoner Imran al-Radwan began a hunger strike on May 25 after being sexually assaulted by prison guards.

In July, Radwan's family told The New Arab that he had complained of severe kidney pain, a sharp drop in blood sugar levels, and was suffering dehydration. He had by then lost 10kg since he began his hunger strike. 

His speech was slow and the prisoner found it difficult to move, a family member said.

Radwan had repeatedly pleaded with prison authorities for medical treatment, which family members say was denied. 

Although he was provided with glucose he was not given any pain-killers nor allowed to see a specialist regarding a stomach condition, his family claimed.

They also said that guards threatened to force-feed him when he asked for a doctor. 

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