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Two Palestinian detainees end hunger strikes

Two Palestinian detainees end hunger strike after Israel gives release date
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West Bank
23 November, 2021
The Israeli administrative detention system allows any Palestinian to be jailed without trial based on ‘secret information'.
Kayed Fasfus had been on hunger strike for 131 days, while Ayyad Hreimi for 61 days [Source: Fasfus family / Special for TNA]

Two Palestinian detainees have ended their hunger strikes after reaching separate deals with Israeli authorities fixing dates for their release.

Kayed Fasfus, 32, had been on hunger strike for 131 days, while Ayyad Hreimi Fasfus, 28, spent 61 days without food, protesting their detention without charge and demanding their release.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club confirmed late on Monday that both detainees had ended their action after reaching separate deals with the Israeli authorities.

The current detention orders of both detainees will not be renewed and they will be released when the current orders expire.

Kayed Fasfus, will be released in mid-December, and Ayyad Hreimi in March.

The family of Kayed Fasfus told Palestinian media on Monday that the detainee will remain in the Israeli Kaplan hospital after his release, due to his delicate health condition.

Fasfus' brother, Kayed Fasfus, told The New Arab earlier in November that his brother suffered from problems with his vision, was unable to feel his limbs, had a low heart rate and suffered constant pain.

Palestinian prisoner support group Addameer, whose lawyers were able to visit Fasfus during his hunger strike, announced that he was facing an "imminent life threat".

Fasfus and Hreimi are detained under the Israeli administrative detention system, which allows the Israeli military to arrest any Palestinian based on "secret information" without charge.

Detention periods last up to 6 months and can be renewed indefinitely.

According to human rights groups, there are currently around 500 Palestinians in Israeli administrative detention.

Two more Palestinians are continuing their hunger strikes against their administrative detentions.

Hisham Abu Hawash, 39, has been on hunger strike for 98 days, and Louai Al-Ashqar, 45, has been without food for 43 days.