Two children among 12 killed in Egypt bus crash

Two children among 12 killed in Egypt bus crash
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05 September, 2021
A bus has overturned on the Cairo-Suez highway leaving 12 people dead and 38 injured while on route to Cairo.
Bus crashes are a common problem in Egypt [Getty]

Twelve people, including two children, have died in a bus accident in Egypt while heading from Sharl el-Sheikh to Cairo late on Saturday, Al Masry al-Yaum, an independent Egyptian publisher reported. 

The accident also left 38 people injured after the bus overturned on the Cairo-Suez highway.

Several people remain in critical condition and others are experiencing concussions, cuts, and fractures after 30 ambulances rushed the victims to Suez hospital.

It is unclear yet what caused the accident and whether the bus was carrying tourists or locals.

In April, a bus had overturned in southern Egypt while trying to pass a truck on the highway, which left 20 people dead and three injured. 

According to Egypt's Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), Egypt is within the top 22 countries of road deaths by vehicles with a total of 9287 deaths in 2018. 

In most cases, accidents are caused by drivers grossly violating traffic rules including overrunning the speed limit, bypassing red lights, and making risky manoeuvres while driving.