Twin bomb blasts outside Iranian-Kurdish political headquarters in Iraq

Twin bomb blasts outside Iranian-Kurdish political headquarters in Iraq
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20 December, 2016
At least seven members of Iraqi-Kurdistan's security services have been killed after two powerful explosions rocked the an Iranian-Kurdish opposition group's headquarters near Erbil in northern Iraq.
The Iranian Kurdish party and militia were targeted in the blast [AFP]
Two bombs have exploded outside an Iranian-Kurdish political office headquarters in Iraq's Erbil province, killing at least seven security personnel who were guarding the building.

The blasts took place in Koya, close to Iran's border late on Tuesday evening.

It left six members of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and an Asayesh troop dead.

Local media reported that the bombs were planted in motorbikes that were detonated outside Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) office.

At least three other people were injured in the blast.

It is still unclear who carried out the attack, but Kurdish fighters have been engaged in the Mosul offensive.

Meanwhile, Iran has been extending its influence in Iraq and Syria, aiding government forces with Shia militias.

Tensions between Kurdish and Iranian-backed Shia militias have increased, with some analysts expecting the two sides to come to a head once IS are defeated in Mosul.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi-Kurdistan region itself has seen some unrest between rival political factions each with their own militias.