Tunisia's Saied appoints new government 11 weeks after power grab

Tunisia's Saied appoints new government 11 weeks after power grab
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After 11 weeks of firing the last government and consolidating a controversial power grab, Tunisia's President Kais Saied appointed a new government
Kais Saeid appointed a new government [Getty]

Tunisia's President Kais Saied on Monday appointed a new government by decree, 11 weeks after he fired the last one.

"The president of the Republic has issued a decree naming the head of government and its members," the presidency said in a statement, shortly before state television broadcast a swearing-in ceremony.

Saied sacked the prime minister, suspended parliament and granted himself judicial powers in a July 25 power grab that opponents have termed a coup.

The new government is headed by Najla Bouden, the North African country's first ever female prime minister, although Saied has significantly pared back the powers of her office and will technically head the administration himself.

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The president named Bouden, a geologist, on September 29, more than two months after sacking the administration of Hichem Mechichi and removing lawmakers' immunity.

Bouden, 63, said in a speech on Monday that "the fight against corruption will be the most important aim" of the new government, which includes 25 ministers besides herself.

The new cabinet was announced a day after at least 6,000 people demonstrated in central Tunis against Saied's power grab.