Trump aiding Islamic State group recruit jihadists: Hillary Clinton

Trump aiding Islamic State group recruit jihadists: Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump is aiding the Islamic State group recruit fighters, Hillary Clinton alleged, as the US presidential elections pick up steam.
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20 September, 2016
The presidential campaigns have picked up speed ahead of the November 8 elections [Getty]

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of helping Islamic State group recruitment, just weeks ahead of the much-anticipated November 8 elections.

The Democrat said "radical Islamic terrorism" rhetoric spewed by the Republican presidential candidate was aiding the militant group in recruiting more fighters around the globe.

"We know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular ISIS, because they are looking to make this into a war against Islam rather than a war against jihadists," she told reporters in New York, using an acronym for the group.

The comments come as US authorities captured a man wanted for the bombings in New York and New Jersey, identifying the bomber as Afghan-born American, Ahmad Khan Rahami.

Police forces wounded and captured the "armed and dangerous" 28-year-old on Monday, just two days after the bombings stoked terror fears across the country.

The weekend attack, came along with a stabbing spree in Minnesota that was carried out by a Somali-American whom police said made "references to Allah".

A simultaneous pipe bomb explosion along the route of a Marine Corps race in New Jersey also raised security fears less than two months before the US presidential election.

No responsibility was claimed for the attacks, however a jihadist-linked news agency, Amaq, said an IS "soldier" carried out the Minnesota stabbings.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has been running on controversial comments, many of which have targeted Mexicans and Muslims as well as refugees fleeing conflict and poverty across the globe.

A recent controversial campaign advertisement, posted on Twitter by Trump's son, likened the Syrian refugee "problem" as a handful of killer "skittles."