Gimme more: Britney Spears sets 'secret' wedding date with fiancee Sam Asghari

Gimme more: Britney Spears sets 'secret' wedding date with fiancee Sam Asghari
Britney Spears and her fiance Sam Asghari have set a wedding date, according to a post on Instagram, where they said no one will know about it until the day after they get married.
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10 May, 2022
No one will know about the wedding until the day after [Getty]

Britney Spears has announced another milestone in her post-conservatorship life and said that she and her fiancee Sam Asghari have set a wedding date, months after getting engaged.

Spears, 40, and Asghari, 28, got engaged in September.

"Introducing Wendy", Spears wrote in a caption accompanying a photo of her kitten on Instagram, over what appeared to be bridal tulle. "And yes, this is the veil to my wedding dress" she added.

Asghari teased on his Instagram story that the couple will soon marry whilst greeting his pregnant fiancee on Mother's Day. "Our lives have been a fairytale happy Mother's Day to you my soon to be queen", he wrote.

"Also the big day has been set but no one will know until the day after", the story added.

The couple recently teased that they were already married, with Britney referring to Asghari as her husband on Instagram captions.

Last year, the couple announced their engagement just days after her father filed to end a court conservatorship that had controlled the singer's life and finances for 13 years.

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The couple then announced their pregnancy in April after being unable to conceive due to her being forced to use contraception as part of the conservatorship. 


Britney's father, Jamie Spears, had been the court-appointed decision-maker of her life, with control over her finances and private life under the pretext of her spiralling mental health in the late 2000s.

The conservatorship controlled all aspects of her life, including minute personal decisions such as preventing her from getting her nails done, changing the colour of her kitchen, and was even forced to have an IUD, preventing her from having a baby.

For years, impassioned fans called for her freedom in a movement dubbed #FreeBritney. The hashtag gained massive traction last year.

Over the summer, she released a documentary highlighting her life under the conservatorship, which she branded as "abusive".

In September, Jamie suddenly filed to end the conservatorship, despite fighting vehemently to stay in control of his daughter's life.