IS target Shia Muslim mourners during commemoration in Baghdad

IS target Shia Muslim mourners during commemoration in Baghdad
At least 30 people have been killed during a Shia Muslim mourning ceremony in Baghdad when an IS suicide bomber detonated explosives in a packed crowd.
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15 October, 2016

The Islamic State group have claimed responsibility for the killing of a bomb attack on mourners north of Iraq on Saturday.

A suicide bomber targeted a packed tent during a Shia Muslim religious commemoration at around lunchtime killing at least 30 people and wounding dozens more.

Sources told AFP that the attack took place in the al-Shaab area of the Iraqi capital, and was either at a funeral tent or during a commemoration for Hussein, where Shia Muslims were distributing food and drinks.

It is believed the Islamic State group are responsible for the attack, and have frequently targeted Iraq's Shia majority.

IS claimed several recent bombings including one on 9 October 9 that killed at least five people.

Two more IS attacks killed at least 17 people in Baghdad at the end of September.

Iraqi forces are readying for a final assault on IS' stronghold in northern Iraq, Mosul, and the group has lost large areas of its self-described "caliphate" this year.

Experts believe the increase in bomb attacks by the militant group is a sign of military weakness, and IS is looking to ignite sectarian strife which has gripped Iraq following the 2003 invasion.