Syrian regime discussed 'handover of power' during Egypt talks

Syrian regime discussed 'handover of power' during Egypt talks
Egyptian opposition politician Ayman Nour has said a Syrian security delegation that was in Cairo last week discussed a handover of power from Assad to another government figure.
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09 September, 2015
Nour was the first man to compete against Mubarak for the Egyptian presidency [Twitter]
A Syrian security delegation visited Cairo last week to hold talks with Egyptian officials on a possible handover of power from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and counter-terrorism efforts, a leading Egyptian opposition figure has said.

Last week’s visit was part of ongoing Syrian-Egyptian direct communications between security officials from both countries to discuss corporation on fighting terrorism, sources close to the Syrian government told the BBC on Wednesday.

“The Syrian delegation in Cairo discussed an initiative that Assad will announced on reforms on handing over power to someone close to him and also arranging regional visits for Assad under Egyptian protection,” tweeted Ayman Nour on Wednesday.

Last month, Assad said security coordination with the Egyptian intelligence has never come to a halt and called on Egypt to play the role of the “brotherly influential country” that helps the other Arab countries.

“Syria stands in the same trench with the Egyptian army and with the Egyptian people against terrorists,” Assad told Hizballah’s al-Manar television station.

In August, Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi  and  President Putin announced a Russian initiative to form a coalition to fight the Islamic state group [IS], which includes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 

A coalition including Syria would put Egypt at odds with Saudi Arabia, whose foreign minister said, “there is no place for Assad in the future of Syria”, during his visit to Russia earlier this month.

Syria was also a main focus of discussion during Putin’s meeting with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Jordan last month.