Syrian regime accuses rebels of targeting underwater oil pipeline

Syrian regime accuses rebels of targeting underwater oil pipeline
The Syrian regime says that “terrorists linked to foreign states” have targeted an underwater oil pipeline in Banias.
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26 June, 2019
Still from a video of the pipeline which was allegedly targeted [Twitter]
An underwater pipeline in Banias, Syria’s only oil port, was  targeted by “terrorists linked to foreign states”, Syrian regime media reported on Monday.

The Ministry for Petroleum and Mineral Resources said that divers working for the Syrian Company for Oil Transport had found six pipes which had been blown up by explosives.

The damaged pipes were shown in a video released by the ministry on its Facebook page.

Petroleum Minister Ali Ghanem said that maintenance teams had immediately started work on repairing the damage.

In 2016, the Russian military took over the administration of Banias oil port from the Assad regime.

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Meanwhile, nine civilians were killed in regime and Russian airstrikes on Idlib province, the New Arab’s affiliate Syria TV reported on Wednesday.

The casualties included a child who died in an airstrike in the town of Maaret al-Numan and three civilians who were killed when farms on the outskirts of Idlib city were bombed.

The Syrian Civil Defence said that two of its members were killed when a Russian “double-tap” airstrike targeted their ambulance in Khan Sheikhoun.

More than 400 civilians have been killed and over 300,000 displaced in a Syrian regime and Russian assault on rebel-held Idlib province since last April. The attack is taking place despite a ceasefire agreement signed in September 2018 and guaranteed by Turkey and Russia.

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