Syrian opposition sends message of solidarity to Palestinians of Sheikh Jarrah

Syrian opposition sends message of solidarity to Palestinians of Sheikh Jarrah
The message expressed support for their struggle and highlighted the similarities in the fights for freedom.
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12 May, 2021
The Syrian opposition have been fighting the Assad regime since 2011 [Getty]
Syrian opposition activists have released a statement of solidarity with the people of Sheikh Jarrah currently facing forced expulsion by Israeli settlers. 

In the message, they affirmed the belief in the rights of Palestinians and expressed their joint desires for justice and freedom

“In your revolution we saw our revolution, and in your steadfastness our steadfastness, and in your displacement we were displaced,” the statement said.

“And because we really know the meaning of displacement and displacement, and we know like you the meaning of the oppression and arrest that we have faced since the outbreak of our revolution as you face it at the hands of the Israeli occupation,” it continued. 

The statement was signed by over 400 opposition activist, human rights defenders, civil society members and artists. 

Since 2011, Syria has been engaged in a bloody civil war, with opposition factions fighting against the oppression of the Assad regime. 

“The borders that separate us, torment us, as they prevent us from standing alongside you in solidarity as your land is expropriated and your communities forced from their lands and homes,” read the statement. 

“So, we send you this message in the hope that it may touch your hearts, even if just a little, as your pain and injustice ignites our hearts,” it added. 

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Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has yet to make a statement on Israel's recent attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank and its strikes on Gaza.

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