Syrian man fails to cross border from Lebanon into Israel

Syrian man fails to cross border from Lebanon into Israel
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13 September, 2021
The Lebanese army caught a Syrian national trying to cross into Israel, while the Israeli army had earlier thought somebody had attempted to enter Lebanon.
The Israeli army had suspected that a man was trying to enter Lebanese territory [AFP/Getty]

Lebanese media confirmed Sunday night that the Lebanese army found a Syrian national trying to cross its southern border into Israel.

The Lebanese army stopped a Syrian man from "trying to infiltrate occupied Palestinian territories",  Al Jadeed TV reported.

Israeli army radio had earlier announced that a suspect tried to cross the fence from Lebanon after it had previously suspected the man was trying to reach Lebanon.

A spokesman for the Israeli army said the suspect retreated after being spotted attempting to climb the fence separating Lebanon and Israel near the settlement of Metula.

Such incidents are common along the Lebanese-Israeli border, both still technically at war, which usually prompts Israeli forces to fire flares to monitor any activity.

Although relatively calm, the border area has witnessed tensions in the last couple of years due to cross-border fire between Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Shia paramilitary force.