Syria says it could join US-led coalition against terrorism

Syria says it could join US-led coalition against terrorism
The Syrian Coalition has called on Free Syria Army groups to unite against IS and the Assad regime after Syria has said it could join the international coalition against terrorism.
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28 March, 2016
The Syrian regime army ousted Islamic sate group militants from Palmyra on Sunday [Getty]

Syria is willing to take part in an international coalition against terrorism but only if the United States will work with Damascus in a way it has not done so far, the Syrian envoy to Geneva peace talks said on Monday.

"The [US-led] international coalition did not succeed in Syria because it did not coordinate with the regime. Russia was successful because it coordinated with us," Bashar al-Jaafari said in an interview on al-Mayadeen, a privately owned pro-Assad Lebanese channel.

"We are for the creation of an international coalition against terrorism, but in coordination with the Syrian government. We have no objection to working with America as long as it is done in coordination with Syria," Jaafari added.

The Syrian regime army, back by allied militiamen and major Russian airpower, ousted Islamic state group militants from Palmyra on Sunday following an intensive three-week offensive.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has hailed the victory as "important" and posed as "fresh proof of the efficiency of the Syrian army and its allies in fighting terrorism."

Despite claims of a major withdrawal from Syria last week, Russian forces were heavily involved.

The opposition Syrian Coalition was critical of this announcement, stating that the Assad regime had allowed the IS group to expand and flourish in Syria. 

Senior member of the coalition, Khatib Badlah, also called on FSA groups in Dara'a to support other FSA units currently engaged in battle with both IS militants and Assad regime fighters.