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Sudan's RSF seize control of West Kordofan state capital El-Fula

Sudan's RSF seizes control of El-Fula, West Kordofan's state capital, after bloody battle with army
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21 June, 2024
Sudan's army retreated to their base in Babanusa after hours of clashes with RSF forces in El Fula, which was taken over by the paramilitary group.
The RSF has seized the capital of the Sudanese state [Getty]

Sudan's Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group announced on Thursday it had seized control of the capital of West Kordofan state, El-Fula, after fighting with the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) with an unknown number of civilian dead.

The group released videos of its leaders speaking from the city's government headquarters, while other reports confirmed the capture of the city's military base.

NGOs had warned of the impact the RSF's brutal assault on Al-Fula could have on civilians, which is an important crossroad for oil.

"Commander Salih al-Foti proudly announces the full liberation of Al-Fulla from the grip of the SAF militia and terrorist brigades," the RSF announced on their official X account.

Sources cited by Asharq Alawsat said that dozens were killed in the fierce clashes between the RSF and the army, while the Sudanese military has not yet commented on the loss of El-Fula

SAF forces withdrew to their last remaining base in the region in Babanusa, Al Jazeera reported.

El-Fula is strategically situated near regional and national borders and is home to large oil fields. Pipelines from South Sudan also pass through El Fula for export.

West Kordofan's state government called on "mobilized forces and popular resistance" to prepare to fight back the RSF from El-Fula, according to Asharq Alawsat.

The RSF takeover of El-Fula follows several warnings from the paramilitary group, who had threatened to overrun the West Kordofan capital.

El-Fula had hosted thousands of civilians fleeing fighting in other areas of Sudan, according to the Babnusa Emergency Room.