South Sudan's beleaguered rebel chief flies to South Africa

South Sudan's beleaguered rebel chief flies to South Africa
Riek Machar flew to South Africa this morning to receive medical treatment, after arriving in Khartoum for similar reasons in August.
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12 October, 2016
Riek Machar arrived in Khartoum in late August on 'humanitarian grounds' [Anadolu]
South Sudan's former rebel chief flew to South Africa on Wednesday morning to pursue medical treatment.

Riek Machar, the head of the SPLM/A [IO] party, told The New Arab at a limited press conference at Khartoum Airport this morning that he was trying to bring about stability in the fledgling nation and denied the existence of any other political initiatives.

Machar left South Sudan for medical treatment in Khartoum in August, following complaints of a swollen leg. Since leaving the country, he has claimed that South Sudanese president, Silva Kiir, tried to assassinate him on 10 June.

Kiir originally sacked Machar as his vice president, citing economic troubles.

An extended civil war in South Sudan has brought about economic collapse, as more than two million civilians are now displaced due to war.