Egypt music icon Mohamed Ramadan claims government 'seized' bank account

Egypt music icon Mohamed Ramadan claims government 'seized' bank account
Mohamed Ramadan is one of Egypt's best-known singers.
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03 June, 2021
Mohamed Ramadan is known especially for the song 'Ensay' [Towfiqu Barbhuiya/EyeEm-file photo]

Egyptian music sensation Mohamed Ramadan has claimed his funds have been "seized" by the government, according to a video uploaded to his official Instagram page today.

In the video, the crooner alleges he was sleeping when he received a phone call from his bank explaining what had happened.

"I replied by saying to them [that] me and my money and my houses and the flesh on my bones are the property of the country and the country's people."

The bank staff made the warning call to save any awkwardness if his card was declined while out shopping, he said.

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Ramadan then replied: "The farmers and the [people from poor Upper Egypt] and the people that are like me stash as much [money] in the bank as they stash in their homes… hidden."

In the video, there was no mention of any justification being given for the alleged seizure.

An official at the bank reportedly told the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper a person subject to such restrictions would typically be informed by the authorities before the bank did.

The official said they were checking for Ramadan on "the list", presumably of individuals whose funds have been frozen.

Ramadan, whose full name is Mohamed Ramadan Mahmoud Hijazi, is known for the song "Ensay".

According to Morocco World News, in late May, YouTube deleted the track from its website following a disagreement with Saad Lamjarred.

This was reportedly due to conflict over royalties between Ramadan and the Moroccan, who also performs on the song.

At the time of writing this article, the song is currently available on the Egyptian's YouTube channel.