Saudi surgeon dies of heart attack inside operating theatre

Saudi surgeon dies of heart attack inside operating theatre
Colleagues of Mahdi El-Emary convinced him to undergo an ECG after the surgeon complained of abdominal pain and showed signs of fatigue.
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24 November, 2020
It is unclear whether Al-Emary performed the procedure after undergoing the ECG [
A Saudi surgeon died of a heart attack in an operating room where he was set to perform a procedure on a patient in the south west city of Khamis Mushait on Friday, Saudi newspaper Al Watan report.

Mahdi Al-Emary, an orthopaedic consultant at Khamis Mushait hospital, felt abdominal pain and showed signs of fatigue as he entered an operating room, according to a senior colleague.

"Despite initially refusing to undergo tests and insisting on carrying out the surgery, myself and colleagues in anaesthesia were compelled to carry out an electrocardiogram (ECG), which revealed he was having a heart attack" said Majid Al-Shehri, head of the hospital’s orthopaedic department.

According to Al Watan, al-Emary died in the operating room. It is unclear whether he operated on the patient after undergoing the ECG test.

Doctors and friends have paid tribute to Al-Emary, describing him as “tireless” surgeon, with a “noble character” and a “kind spirit”.

"Al Emari set an example of sacrifice that a doctor can do until the last moment of his life. Despite his severe stomach pains, he insisted on conducting the surgery for the patient.

"He died while performing his work. He is a work martyr," Dr. Al Shehri told Gulf News.

Social media users in Saudi Arabia have praised him for his service and described him as a martyr.

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