Saudi Arabia criticises Syrian regime's bombardment of Eastern Ghouta

Saudi Arabia criticises Syrian regime's bombardment of Eastern Ghouta
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22 February, 2018
Arab countries have been criticised by Syrians for remaining quiet on the Syrian regime's horrific bombing of Eastern Ghouta that has left more than 300 dead.
Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir at the Munich Security Conference earlier this month [Getty]

Saudi Arabia on Thursday called on Bashar al-Assad's regime to "stop the violence" after days of deadly bombardment in Eastern Ghouta brought the death toll of civilians to over 300, AFP has said.

"We stress the need for the Syrian regime to stop the violence, to allow in humanitarian aid, and to take seriously the path of a political solution to the crisis," the Saudi foreign ministry tweeted.

"We are concerned over the continuation of Syrian regime attacks on Eastern Ghouta and the impact on civilians there."

Yet Riyadh stopped short of an outright condemnation.

Many world leaders and government officials had days earlier condemned Damascus for raining bombs on Eastern Ghouta.

Arab leaders have been slow to release statements on the regime and Russia's bombing campaign that has left more than 300 dead so far.

Security Council member Kuwait - along with Sweden - is drafting a UN resolution pushing for a month-long ceasefire. It is unclear if Russia will veto or block the measure.

On Twitter, users have called out the Arab world's and Turkey's leaders for failing to comment on Ghouta.

In Europe, the US, UK, and France issued strong words against the bombing campaign in recent days. German Chancellor Angela Merkel today called for an end to the Syrian regime's air raids that have killed scores of civilians.

"The killing of children, the destruction of hospitals - all that amounts to a massacre that must be condemned and which must be countered with a clear no," she said.