Samuel Eto'o 'attacks Algerian YouTuber' after World Cup game

Samuel Eto'o 'attacks Algerian YouTuber' after World Cup game
The former Barcelona forward and current Cameroon Football Federation president was filmed attacking and flooring a fan outside Doha's Stadium 974 on Monday.
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06 December, 2022
Samuel Eto'o has not commented on the incident [Getty]

Football legend Samuel Eto'o was filmed allegedly attacking a football fan after the World Cup match between Brazil and South Korea on Monday evening.

Footage of the incident at Doha's Stadium 974 has gone viral on social media, drawing shocked responses from fans around the world.

In the video, a man who appears to be the former Barcelona and Inter Milan forward, is seen taking pictures with fans outside the stadium, before attempting to continue on his way.

Eto'o reacts to a fan who is seen holding a camera before bystanders attempt to separate the two men. 

The 41-year-old star then breaks free and appears to knee the man, who falls backward onto the ground.

The man, who was later identified as Algerian YouTuber Said Mamouni, posted a video to social media saying he was at a police station to lodge a complaint.

Mamouni thanked the man who tried to defend him and said he was hit in the chest and jaw.

In the TikTok video, the man also shows his camera, which appeared to have a broken screen from the attack.

Social media users reacted with horror to the video.

"That is a horrible look for Samuel Eto'o, if not an entirely surprising one," said one person on Twitter.

"That Samuel Eto'o video left me sad. Cringe-worthy stuff. I would have ignored the journalist and walked away," said another.

Some observers speculated on what had been said between the two men, with Cameroonian media outlets accusing Mamouni of provoking Cameroon fans.

A video from earlier in the World Cup posted to Maamouni's YouTube channel shows him speaking to Cameroonian fans, in which he makes an unverified claim that authorities bribed refs.

Eto'o, who currently serves as the head of Cameroon's Football Federation (FECAFOOT), has not commented on Monday's incident. FECAFOOT has also not issued a statement.

The incident marks a rare report of violence at a World Cup that many fans have praised for having a "family-friendly" atmosphere.

The New Arab has approached Eto'o for comment on the incident.