Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey says Trump’s plan won’t solve Israel’s blockade - international law will

Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey says Trump’s plan won’t solve Israel’s blockade - international law will
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18 February, 2020
Rebecca Long-Bailey joined the two remaining Labour candidate leaders in a Channel 4 debate.
Rebecca Long Bailey joined two other Labour leader candidates [Getty]

Labour leader candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey, has reiterated her support for Palestine and pushed for an end to the conflict in the region based on "international law", seemingly swiping at Donald Trump’s controversial Middle East peace plan.

Long-Bailey appeared on Channel 4’s Labour leadership debate alongside Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy where she fielded questions on the former party leader Jeremy Corbyn, as well as her views on decriminalising cannabis and Israel.

"Standing up for the rights of Palestinians is the right thing for our party to do and we've always done that," she said.

Long-Bailey adding that she "believes in a secure Israel alongside a viable state of Palestine".

And in no uncertain terms, Long-Bailey indicated that she did not support the US in its pursuit of brokering a peace deal in the region – at least not on the terms stated.

Under the plans, Israel would have Jordan Valley, which makes up a third of West Bank, while the Palestinians would give up their right of return – a bedrock of the internationally approved peace deal.

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Not only that, but Palestine would be forced to agree to incredibly limiting conditions of statehood.

The deal has been criticised by Palestinian leaders, international leaders and the United Nations.

Palestinians were Trump's plan unveiled at the White House alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heavily favours Israel.

"I also think that the conflict must be settled on the basis of international law, human rights and social justice," Long-Bailey went on, emphasising support for a two-state solution along international, rather than Trumpian lines.

"Eighty percent of Palestinians are reliant on humanitarian aid. So we should continue calling for an end to the blockade, and the illegal settlements that we see in the Palestinian West Bank and in Gaza," she said.

"And I'll never apologise for standing up for the rights of Palestinian people, but at no point should it ever be conflated with antisemitism, they should always be two separate issues."

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