Protestors storm Kurdish parliament to 'protest Barzani's departure'

Protestors storm Kurdish parliament to 'protest Barzani's departure'
Demonstrators said to be Peshmerga fighters forced their way inside the Iraqi-Kurdish parliament claiming they are protesting at President Barzani being forced out of power.
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29 October, 2017
The Kurdish parliament was stormed hours after Barzani announced his resignation [AFP]
Protesters stormed the Kurdish parliament building in Iraqi Kurdistan's capital Erbil on Sunday, to protest at a decision by Masoud Barzani to step down as president.

The group claimed to be Peshmerga fighters who reportedly forced their way inside the building, with gunshots being heard around the scene.

Some of the protestors were seen carrying clubs.

Earlier on Sunday, Masoud Barzani told the Kurdish parliament in Erbil that he would step down as leader of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), following mounting criticism.
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Speaking at a closed parliamentary session on Sunday, Barzani read a letter saying he will not seek to extend his term as president when after 1 November, effectively resigning from government.

"After 1 November, I will no longer exercise my functions, and I reject any extension of my mandate," the veteran Kurdish politician told parliament.

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