Palestinian woman in 'obvious execution' by Israeli forces

Palestinian woman in 'obvious execution' by Israeli forces
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04 March, 2016
A Palestinian woman has been shot dead by Israeli forces for lightly wounding a soldier with her car in the occupied West Bank, amid claims of Israeli extra-judicial killings.
A 34-year-old Palestinian woman was killed by Israeli forces in what locals have described as an "execution".

She allegedly rammed her car into an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank before being shot dead, while locals and international diplomats claim that security forces could be guilty of "extra-judicial killings".

The latest victim identified as Amani Husni Sabatin, from the village of Husan in western Bethlehem.

The village lies close to a main junction of an Israeli settlement bloc where the incident occurred on Friday.

Images of the car show eight bullets intersected the car's windshield before killing the woman.

Meanwhile, the Israeli soldier was "lightly wounded" and taken to hospital, Israeli military said.

"Forces on the site responded to the imminent threat and shot the attacker, resulting in her death," Israeli military added.

Israeli forces also sealed the western and eastern entrances to the village following the incident, the head of Husan's village Hassan Hamamreh told Palestinian news site Ma'an.

Allegations made against the mother-of-four were false and her death is an "obvious execution" carried out by Israeli forces, Hamamreh said.

The car was riddled with bullet holes after Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian woman [Getty]

In the past few months, Israeli forces have beefed up their presence across the occupied West Bank.

They claim the security measures are necessary to counter a recent spate in stabbings and car rammings of Israeli soldiers and police by Palestinians.

Critics however have said that Israel has waged arbitrary campaigns of arrests and shootings against Palestinians.

Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom called for investigations into the deaths of Palestinians accused of stabbings to determine whether Israeli forces are guilty of "extra-judicial killings".

At least 181 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since October, 32 of them under the age of 18.

Israel claims that a Palestinian campaign of incitement is fanning the violence.

Palestinians say it is rooted in frustration stemming from nearly five decades of Israeli occupation.