Palestinian prisoners call for factions to secure their release in Israel talks

Palestinian prisoners call for factions to secure their release in Israel talks
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18 October, 2021
The Palestinian National Prisoners' Movement has called on Hamas and other factions to ensure the release of Palestinian detainees in ongoing negotiations with Israel.
Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails on Monday called on factions to secure their release [Getty]

A group of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails on Monday called on Palestinian factions to ensure their release in talks with Israel.

The National Prisoners' Movement said in a press statement received by The New Arab that "the time has come to break the Israeli restrictions" and called for a prisoner swap with Israel.

Egyptian and Hamas officials have been holding talks, aimed at securing a lasting truce with Israel in Gaza, with a possible prisoner swap among the proposals.

"We trust you so much and we know that you can free us soon as possible, especially after you gained the victory in the latest battle with Israel in May 2021," the statement read, referring to Israel's deadly assault on the Gaza Strip earlier this year.

"We are fully aware that the prisoners on hunger strike are in the eyes of the resistance, its heart, and even its conscience. We know perfectly well that the time in which prisoners fight alone through hunger strikes is over forever," the statement added.

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are on hunger strike over their continued detention and prison conditions.

Many of them have are held by Israel without trial on administrative detention orders.

The National Prisoners' Movement expressed its hope that Palestinian factions will ensure the detainees' freedom in a prisoner swap deal with Israel.

Gaza rulers Hamas currently hold four Israelis, including two soldiers captured during the 2014 Gaza war.

Last week, Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails began a new hunger strike in response to dire conditions and punitive measures meted out by guards following the Gilboa jailbreak in September.

On Wednesday, some 250 prisoners affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) began the protest demanding Israeli authorities retract arbitrary measures against the Palestinian prisoners. 

More prisoners are expected to join the hungers' strike in the coming days.