Palestine oud outfit, Le Trio Joubran, features on Coldplay's cryptic new album

Palestine oud outfit, Le Trio Joubran, features on Coldplay's cryptic new album
Le Trio Joubran is an oud playing group of the Joubran brothers. Hailing from Nazareth, they play traditional Palestinian music.
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28 October, 2019
Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world, according to Forbes. [Getty]
British pop-rock group Coldplay have announced the release of their new album that will feature acclaimed Palestinian band Le Trio Joubran.

The new album of the multiple-time Grammy winners is called Everyday Life and is scheduled for release on 22 November.

It is set to be a double album, with one half titled "Sunrise" and the other "Sunset", although it is not yet known which  song Le Trio Joubran will feature on.

There already appears to be an Arabic influence on the album, with "Arabesque" and "بني آدم" ('Bani Adam' - meaning the "Children of Adam") in the songs, while posters promoting the album also features Arabic text. 

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The track list was first announced in a classified advertisement in the North Wales' Daily Post earlier this week, a newspaper where guitarist Jonny Buckland once had a summer job.

Le Trio Joubran are an oud playing outfit that performs traditional Palestinian music.

Consisting of brothers Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran, they belong to a famous artistic family that originally hails from Nazareth. They have won several prominent awards, including the International Award for Palestine in 2013.

They will feature on the album along with Nigerian-born musician Femi Kuti and the Belgian artist Stromae.

Coldplay is one of the best-known bands in the world, and according to Forbes, were the second-highest paid musicians in 2018 earning a whopping £98 million.

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