Mawlid in Lebanon [Getty]
The Prophet’s Birthday is expected to fall on September 27, but not all Muslims will be celebrating.
After their whirlwind romance found national attention on ITV's This Morning chat show, it has all ended in tears for 80-year-old Iris Jones and her 34-year-old Egyptian husband Mohamed Ibrahim.
X announced in July that TweetDeck, a popular program that allows users to monitor multiple accounts and lists of users at once, would be available only to "verified" account holders from August.
The Nobel Prize winning education activist Malala Yousafzai is the latest public figure to join the Barbie craze.
Israelis have had to answer a bizarre range of questions when completing their driving theory test.
A Gulf woman made a Barbie-themed Kabsa - the national dish of Saudi Arabia - to celebrate the film's worldwide release.
The US television star visited the city of Marrakech for two days - a major tourism city often frequented by some of the world's biggest celebrities.
The US actress, who is a former child star, welcomed her son in Dubai where she has been residing for a number of years.
The statue's fragment was confiscated in Geneva as part of criminal proceedings, and was restituted to Egypt under Switzerland's law on the international transfer of cultural property.
A US-based Lebanese chef says he wants to "save" the tabbouleh salad from being modified and claimed as something it's not.