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Ocasio-Cortez leads efforts to block US arms sales to Israel

Ocasio-Cortez leads efforts to block US arms sales to Israel
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Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading efforts to block US arms sales to Israel as it continues its deadly strikes on Gaza, although the move seems unlikely to succeed.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the US should not be sending weapons to Netanyahu [AFP]

Progressive congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led efforts on Wednesday to block US arms sales to Israel, a move that was unlikely to succeed but highlighted tensions among Democratic lawmakers grappling with Israel’s deadly assault on the Gaza Strip.

A clear majority of Republicans back Israel in its military attack on the Gaza Strip, which has killed at least 231 Palestinians.

Democrats are more divided, leaving President Joe Biden's administration under pressure from his party's liberal flank.

"At a time when so many, including President Biden, support a ceasefire, we should not be sending 'direct attack' weaponry to Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu to prolong this violence," Ocasio-Cortez said in a statement.

"The harsh truth is that these weapons are being sold by the United States to Israel with the clear understanding that the vast majority of them will be used to bomb Gaza," added Rashida Tlaib, a US congresswoman of Palestinian origin.

The United States is Israel's largest supplier of military equipment.

Congress was formally informed on May 5 of the latest sale to Israel's defence ministry, totalling $735 million.

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According to congressional rules, lawmakers have until Thursday to present and approve a resolution opposing the sale if it is to be blocked.

Democratic leaders, who do not support the resolution, have not set a date for a vote.

A substantial majority of American Jews identify as Democrats and the party traditionally has supported Israel, albeit with a few critical voices.

The latest bloodshed however has stirred up fresh criticism of Israel among moderate Democrats.

But the new initiative to block the arms sale remains, at least for now, limited to the party's left wing.

Some moderate Democrats had mulled asking for a postponement, but ultimately they retreated.

The Republicans, on the other hand, reiterated their unwavering support for Israel on Wednesday, with several senators taking to the floor "to demand Joe Biden and his administration stand firmly with our ally Israel."

One of the senators, conservative Ted Cruz, slammed Democrats on Twitter, saying Ocasio-Cortez and her close allies were "gunning for a promotion from press secretaries for Hamas to defence secretaries for Hamas."

Biden toughened his tone on Israel somewhat on Wednesday, telling Netanyahu that he expects "significant de-escalation" in Israel's military confrontation with the Palestinians.

Israel intensified its airstrikes Wednesday on Gaza, killing at least 12 people.