Most Americans support re-assessing Israel ties if judicial plan adopted: poll

Most Americans support re-assessing Israel ties if judicial plan adopted: poll
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24 May, 2023
A poll has found that most Americans are in support of re-assessing their country's relations with Israel if Tel Aviv's judicial overhaul plan is seen through.
Israel is the US' closest Middle East ally and has supported it with billions of dollars in aid [Getty]

The United States should reassess its ties with Israel if the latter goes through with a controversial plan to overhaul the judiciary, Americans have said in a recent poll.

A survey conducted in both the US and Israel asked people what their opinions were on their countries' relations. The findings were presented at the Herzliya conference at Reichman University in Tel Aviv on Monday.

The controversial judicial overhaul plan being pushed by Israel’s hard-line government has rocked the political scene there for months, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets in protest.

A majority of respondents - 60 percent - said they want to see their country re-evaluate its ties with Israel if the legislation is adopted. A similar number said the US administration should "critique" Israel over the plan.

"Americans see Israel’s democracy as an important reason for maintaining its relationship with the country but would re-evaluate those ties if the planned judicial reforms contradict US values," Reichman University said in a statement about the poll results, as quoted by The Times of Israel.

The poll found that general support for Israel in the US was becoming "extremely polarised", according to the statement.

The statement did not specify the date of the poll or number of participants.

Netanyahu's overhaul plan has sparked unprecedented public anger since his coalition of hard-right and religious parties came to power late last year. The plan has also caused alarm among Israel's Western allies.

The proposed legislation would enable the Knesset - Israel’s parliament - to override Supreme Court decisions and hold control over judicial appointments.

After weeks of intensifying demonstrations, Netanyahu in late March relented and said he would delay the contested overhaul to allow for compromise talks with opposition parties.