Morocco just became the first country to partner with Germany on green hydrogen

Morocco just became the first country to partner with Germany on green hydrogen
The North African country is set to transform its green energy capabilities in partnership with Berlin.
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11 June, 2020
Germany and Morocco's partnership is expanding the North African country's green energy capabilities [Getty]

Morocco became the first country to partner with Germany in the development of its green hydrogen sector.

Morocco’s ambassador to Germany, Zohour Alaoui, signed an agreement with German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gerd Muller, in a landmark agreement that is set to transform the country’s renewable energy sector.

Green hydrogen is defined as a gas produced completely from renewable energy sources.

The agreement was signed on Wednesday in Berlin, and will partner Morocco's ministry of energy, mines, and environment with the German ministry of economic cooperation and development to set up research and investment projects in efficient hydrogen use.

Two projects have been proposed - the first is called "Power-to-X" and will focus on the production of green hydrogen.

The second project seeks to create a research platform, in partnership with the Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies.

In a statement to state-owned Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), the Moroccan ambassador said that the agreement is of the utmost importance to Morocco and demonstrates "the excellent relations uniting the two countries on the economic, political, and cultural levels".

"The agreement reflects the two countries' firm desire to move forward in the development of renewable energies and their commitment to sustainable economic development while placing environmental protection as a priority," she said.

"Given this dynamic, the development of the green hydrogen sector is promising."

The agreement will give Morocco the opportunity to build Africa's first plant for the production of "green gas".

The country hopes to decrease the emission of 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

The German development minister told German media that "the conditions for hydrogen production in Africa are ideal", adding that the National Hydrogen Strategy is a "giant step towards climate-neutral fuels and thus a global energy transition".

Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis using renewable electricity. Hydrogen can replace natural gas as a green alternative in homes for heating and cooking.

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