Morocco claims Polisario officials involved in drug trafficking network

Morocco claims Polisario officials involved in drug trafficking network
Morocco on Friday accused the son of a Polisario minister of involvement in a drug trafficking network, after foiling a large smuggling operation.
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02 September, 2016
Moroccan security forces led a raid on a large drug smuggling operation [Anadolu]
An international drug trafficking network recently dismantled by Moroccan police has links to Polisario officials, authorities in Rabat claimed Friday.

The development follows the start of an investigation on Thursday by Morocco's National Brigade of Judicial Police (BNPJ), after they foiled a large drug smuggling operation 280km southeast of the Moroccan city of Boujdour.

Four people were arrested in the raid and around 500kg of cannabis resin was seized. 

Acording to the BNPJ, their investigation has demonstrated ties between the arrested defendants, who reside in the Tindouf camp in Algeria, and members of the Polisario Front.

In particular, an individual identified as "Robio" is said to have supervised the transportation of drugs from Algeria to Mali, Morocco's General Directorate for National Security [DGSN] told Morocco World News.

It added that among Robio's associates from the Tindouf camp is the son of an unnamed Polisario "development minister" and former leader of the Es-Smara refugee camp near Tindouf.

The security directorate also claimed that Robio is known for involvement in cross-border organised crime, including terrorist acts and the kidnapping of three Europeans near Tindouf in southwestern Algeria.