Moroccan landlords refuse to rent property to Israeli emissary

Moroccan landlords refuse to rent property to Israeli emissary
David Govrin has failed to secure a place to live and work, six months after starting his job in Morocco.
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12 June, 2021
Moroccans protested the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza [Getty]

Israel's emissary to Morocco is still operating from a hotel in the capital of Rabat because landlords have refused to rent any space to the diplomat, months after mass demonstrations took place across the country against normalisation agreement signed by the Moroccan authorities with Israel at the end of last year. 

Veteran diplomat David Govrin started the job six months ago following the normalisation of relations between Morocco and Israel. 

Israel was offered a space to work from by the government of Morocco, far from the city centre, but Israel turned down the offer, insisting that they be located in the diplomatic quartre, with the other foreign embassies. 

It is Israel's intention to one day have a working embassy.

According to reports by Assahifa, a place in a residential complex was found for Govrin, but the owners later pulled out when they learnt who would be renting the property.

Opposition to the normalisation agreement with Israel has been growing in Morocco, especially in light of the recent bombardment of Gaza. 

Moroccans using social media to express their anger, using the hashtag #expel_the_representive_of_the_occupation. 

“Kick @DavidGovrin out of Morocco, no place here for the #Zionist people,” wrote one Twitter users. 

“There is no place for Zionists and occupiers among us. Israel is an occupying terrorist entity, and this is part of its terrorism and brutality,” wrote another. 

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Recent football matches between Moroccan and Israeli teams were cancelled and protests took place in Morocco, with the chant: "The nations wants to end normalisation" being heard. 

Members of the Moroccan cabinet had planned to visit Israel earlier this year, but the violence in Gaza and Jerusalem has now forced the visit to be either postponed or cancelled. 

Last month, Israel launched a brutal bombing campaign of the besieged Gaza Strip, killing over 250 people including over 65 children.