London Mayor backs Clinton, says Trump 'plays to IS'

London Mayor backs Clinton, says Trump 'plays to IS'
London Mayor, Sadiq Khan kicked off his first official visit to the United States on Thusrday by criticising Donald Trump and praising Hillary Clinton.
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17 September, 2016
London Mayor Sadiq Khan at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs [AFP]
London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Thursday reiterated criticism of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's comments about Muslim immigration, while also appearing to back Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Khan, who became the first Muslim mayor of a major Western capital when he was elected in May, made the comments while on a visit to the a US to promote trade ties with London.

"We play straight into the hands of those who seek to divide us, of extremists and terrorists around the world, when we imply that it's not possible to hold Western values dear and to be a Muslim," Khan said to an audience at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, alluding to Trump's disparaging comments about Muslims.

The Republican candidate at one point called for a ban on Muslim immigration into the US, however he has since said that the ban would be limited to immigrants from countries with "a proven history of terrorism".

"People shouldn't have to drop their cultures and traditions when they arrive in our cities and countries," Khan said, "We all have multiple layers of identity."

In contrast to his comments about Trump, Khan drew parallels between himself and Clinton, calling her a fellow "left centre" politician.

"I'm a big fan of Hillary Clinton," he said, "She's arguably the most experienced candidate to run to be president".

This is not the first time the London mayor has made comments about Trump, who had earlier this year offered to exempt Khan from his proposed Muslim entry ban.

Khan turned down the offer, blasting the real estate tycoon's "ignorant" view of Islam.

Trump responded by asking Khan to take an IQ test.

"Let’s do an IQ test," Trump said on the Good Morning Britain programme in May, adding that he was offended by Khan's comments. 

"When he won, I wished him well. Now I don’t care about him [Khan]," he continued.