Lebanon woman 'tortures, kills ex-husband in gruesome murder': report

Lebanon woman 'tortures, kills ex-husband in gruesome murder': report
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15 June, 2020
A man in Lebanon's Jnah was tied to his bed and brutally stabbed to death by his recently divorced ex-wife, a recent report said.
The police is reviewing security footage in an ongoing investigation [Facebook]
A newly divorced man in Lebanon was killed in Jnah in a gruesome incident, reports confirmed, as police interrogated his ex-wife, who has reportedly admitted to the murder.

Ibrahim Alawieh, a resident of Jnah was found dead drenched in his own blood by the police last week, following a raid of his room in a Raouche centre, where he worked in a cafe.

Lebanon's Internal Security Forces carried out the raid on Wednesday, after a neighbour reported a foul smell coming from the room.

The ISF said the Alawieh was murdered in a revenge plot carried out by his ex-wife, who admitted to the crime during interrogations, according to Arabi21

The suspect, who is yet to be named, allegedly said she lured him to his house, tortured him and repeatedly stabbed him.

According to details laid out by the reported investigation, Alawieh's ex-wife decided to get back at him after he divorced her over cheating accusations and married another woman – reportedly a Syrian minor.

While initial investigations suggested Alawiya was potentially drugged before being tied, tortured and stabbed over a dozen times to his death, the suspect's accounts contradict the narrative. 

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The ex-wife said she lured Alawieh to his house by claiming she wanted to engage in sexual intercourse, adding that Alawieh agreed to be tied. With her ex partner restrained, the suspect then said she stabbed him in his abdomen.

A security source told local paper An-Nahar investigations were ongoing, while officers were not convinced by the accounts given by the suspect.

The police is reviewing security footage and is yet to confirm the details of the murder, the source said.

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