Lebanon denies Iranian airline transferred weapons via Beirut airport

Lebanon denies Iranian airline transferred weapons via Beirut airport
The director of Lebanon's civil aviation said that the allegations were untrue.
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08 December, 2022
Maraj airlines, sanctioned by the US in 2014 for transporting weapons to Syria, recently started flights to Beirut in November. [Getty]

Lebanese officials denied on Thursday that Iranian Maraj airlines was using Beirut airport for weapons shipments, following Saudi media allegations.

The Director General of Civil Aviation Fadi al-Hassan said that the allegations were "untrue" and that Maraj, which began flying to Beirut airport on 14 November, met all security regulations.

Saudi media outlet al-Arabiya claimed on Wednesday that Maraj “may transport weapons and equipment to Hezbollah” via civilian flights to the Beirut airport.

The outlet did not name its sources for the claim and The New Arab was unable to verify the claims. Maraj airlines did not respond to a request for comment.

Meraj airlines was sanctioned by the US treasury in August 2014 for "ferrying illicit cargo, including weapons, from Tehran to the Syrian regime since at least 2013."

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Iran is known for transporting weapons and other military equipment to Syria via the Damascus airport.

Israeli warplanes frequently bomb Iranian targets in the country, including the Damascus airport, to break up Iranian supply lines.

Hezbollah, the pro-Iran militia and political party, intervened early on in Syria's civil war in part to ensure the 'land corridor' it uses as a supply route between Lebanon and Iran was kept open.

Lebanon's Minister of Interior Bassam Mawlawi said on Wednesday that the Director General of Civil Aviation was kept abreast of developments at the Beirut airport.

Mawlawi added that he is eager to "implement Lebanese law and protect Lebanon."