Jeremy Corbyn urges Labour to take strong stance on Israel following sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey

Jeremy Corbyn urges Labour to take strong stance on Israel following sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey
Corbyn was among leftwingers expressing concern over the abrupt dismissal of Long-Bailey for retweeting an article containing an 'anti-Seminic conspiracy', taking the opportunity to demand a tough line on Israel.
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26 June, 2020
Jeremy Corbyn's successor has repeatedly pledged to eliminate anti-Semitism from the Labour party [Getty]
Several leftwing Labour MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn, met with the British party's leader on Friday to voice concerns over the firing of shadow education minister Rebecca Long-Bailey, according to the Guardian.

Corbyn reportedly urged Keir Starmer to take a tough stance on Israel's planned the annexation of Palestinian territory, as well as to meet the leftwing group Jewish Voice for Labour, according to a source.

The former deputy leader under Corbyn, John McDonnell, was also present at the meeting.

McDonnell shared a petition on Thursday calling for Long-Bailey's reinstatement, which has so far garnered almost 13,000 signatures.

The party has erupted into fierce infighting between its various political factions following the abrupt dismissal of leftwinger Long-Bailey, after she retweeted an interview with actor and constituent Maxine Peake in which she linked the police killing of George Floyd to training received by US police from the "Israeli secret services".

Starmer's spokesperson said that the article "contained an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory".

Starmer has repeatedly committed to eliminate anti-Semitism from the party, however many argue that his dismissal of Long-Bailey was overly harsh, especially as the Salford and Eccles MP says she was forced to resign before she could issue any of her own clarifications.

Peake has since clarified that she was inaccurate in her statements.

"Today I retweeted an interview that my constituent and stalwart Labour Party supporter Maxine Peake gave to the Independent. Its main thrust was anger with the Conservative Government’s handling of the current emergency and a call for Labour Party unity," tweeted Long-Bailey.

"I learned that many people were concerned by references to international sharing of training and restraint techniques between police and security forces. In no way was my retweet an intention to endorse every part of that article," she added.

While US police are known to train with Israeli forces, it is unfounded that they are taught the knee-on-neck restraint.

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