Kuwait officials condemn brutal assault on Egyptian doctor

Kuwait officials condemn brutal assault on Egyptian doctor
The Egyptian doctor suffered internal bleeding after being assaulted while at a maternity hospital, according to reports
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13 August, 2022
The Egyptian doctor was transferred to a surgical ward to receive treatment for his injuries [Getty]

Kuwait's health ministry on Thursday condemned an attack on an Egyptian doctor at a maternity hospital as "unacceptable and reprehensible".

The ministry said in a statement that the doctor, who it did not name, suffered a head injury from the attack and was transferred to a surgical ward for treatment.

Images circulating online purportedly show the head injuries the doctor sustained.

The medic suffered internal bleeding as a result of the attack, Kuwaiti media reported.

The attacker's identity and the reason behind the assault remain unknown.

The assault follows a series of similar incidents in other Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, where a number of Egyptian medical professionals have suffered physical abuse.

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Last month, a doctor named Ayman Rizq was shot three times and stabbed while at work at a hospital in the city of Al-Qaseem. He miraculously survived the brutal attack.

Also in July, Saudi citizen was arrested for shooting dead an Egyptian pharmacist in Sakaka, northwestern Saudi Arabia for allegedly refusing to hand over medicine without prescription.

Kuwait is home to a sizeable community of expatriate Egyptians, who hold a wide range of professions in the Gulf state.