Kuwait to expel Pyongyang ambassador following US-North Korea tensions

Kuwait to expel Pyongyang ambassador following US-North Korea tensions
Kuwait has given North Korea's a week to leave the country and restrict visas to the hundreds of workers in the country.
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17 September, 2017
Kuwait has ordered the North Korea ambassador out of the country [AFP]

Kuwait has ordered North Korea's ambassador to leave the country within the next month and downgraded its diplomatic relations with Pyongyang, according to government sources.

With the ambassador leaving, North Korea will be represented by a charge d'affaires and three diplomats, the source told AFP.

It comes shortly after Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah visited Washington as tensions between the US and North Korea ratchet up.

Kuwait also promised prevent renewals of permits for the some 2,000 North Korean workers in the country once projects are completed "within one or two years".

Kuwait will also prevent visas for North Koreans from being issued and suspend all trade flights with Pyongyang.

South Korea and Japan have been putting pressure on Gulf states to stop employing North Korean workers because money generated goes straight to the regime.

Egypt has also cut ties with North Korea, following US pressure.

Iran and Syria still retain strong ties with the North Korean regime.

Tensions between Pyongyang and its neighbours escalated following another recent nuclear test by North Korea.

The country fired another ballistic missile over Japan on Friday in an angry response to new UN sanctions.

The UN is expected to discuss the North Korea issue during the next meeting of leaders in New York.

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