Kevin Hart comedy show cancelled in Egypt following uproar over 'Afrocentric' comments

Kevin Hart comedy show cancelled in Egypt following uproar over 'Afrocentric' comments
The American comedian faced a flood of criticism for his alleged 'Afrocentric views' on Egypt, but organisers said the show was cancelled because of logistical issues.
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22 February, 2023
Fans accused Kevin Hart of 'disrespecting Egyptian culture' [Getty]

Kevin Hart's comedy show in Cairo has been cancelled following an uproar in Egypt, with some accusing the US comedian of holding "Afrocentric" beliefs and "falsifying Egyptian history".

The show, which was scheduled for Tuesday, was officially cancelled "due to local logistical issues", according to comments from Hart's management company R Productions.

However, the Arabic hashtag "Kevin Hart is not welcome in Egypt" had been widely used in Egypt since the show was announced.

The uproar relates to reported comments made by Hart, who allegedly said that Black Africans were once kings in Egypt, likely referring to the Nubian dynasties. The New Arab could not verify these comments, but some in Egypt accused Hart of "disrespecting" Egyptian culture and history.

Some Egyptians highlighted that the entertainment company Black Sands - which Hart has invested in - had published a book entitled "First Pharaoh", which reportedly depicted historical inaccuracies relating to Egypt.

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Shortly after it was announced that the show would be cancelled, many took to Twitter to celebrate the move.

"I think this is perfect, the Egyptians are not your ancestors… you are not welcome in Egypt," one Twitter user said.

"Dear [Kevin Hart]… next time educate your tiny head… about the wrath of Pharaos descendants… you are banned for life from stepping in Egypt," another user tweeted.

However, some of the comedian's fans argued that ancient Egyptians were Black, and criticised those who campaigned for Hart's show to be cancelled.

There is considerable debate as to whether ancient Egypt's pharaohs were Black. 

The New Arab repeatedly reached out to Hart for confirmation of the alleged comments but received no response.