Jordanian PM says his country seeks 'healthy relations' with Iran

Jordanian PM says his country seeks 'healthy relations' with Iran
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11 July, 2022
Jordan's prime minister said Sunday that his country wanted to improve its ties with Iran, which have been shaky in recent years
Al-Khasawneh said Jordan had never considered Iran to be a threat to its national security [Getty]

Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh said Sunday that his country seeks healthy relations with Tehran, saying Iran had toned down its threats to neighbouring countries.

"It is no secret that Iran’s stance on many issues has posed a challenge to some brotherly countries with regard to exercising a form of influence, which did not necessarily serve the stability of those countries," Al-Khasawneh told the BBC in an interview.

The Jordanian premier did not specify which countries he was referring to, but Iran is believed to arm and fund several groups in the region such as Yemen’s Houthis, the Popular Mobilisation Forces in Iraq, Shia militias in Syria, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and more.

However, he said Jordan seeks dialogue with Iran based on respect of international law and non-interference in each other’s affairs.

"Jordan seeks to reach dialogue with Iran based on good, neighbourly relations," he told the BBC.

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Al-Khasawneh’s comments come ahead of US President Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East later this week.

Biden will visit the occupied West Bank, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Iran expected to be the focus of discussions.

Although Jordan and Iran share diplomatic ties, the relationship between the two countries has long been tense. 

Jordan's King Abdullah II in May said that the kingdom could be facing an "escalation of problems" on its borders with Syria due to increased activity by Iran and its proxies.

He said his country faces attacks "on a regular basis" on its shared border with Syria, saying "we know who is behind" these attacks.

It is believed that he was referring to Iran.

Arab governments, especially Iran’s long-time foe Saudi Arabia, have long accused Tehran of destabilising the region.

However, Iran and Saudi Arabia have engaged in talks in recent months in an effort to defuse years-long tensions.