Jordan rejects Netherlands ambassador 'interference' after criticism of 'media freedoms'

Jordan rejects Netherlands ambassador 'interference' after criticism of 'media freedoms'
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21 October, 2022
Jordan has criticised what it called interference by the Dutch ambassador in the country's internal affairs after he questioned the kingdom's media freedoms.
Jordan rejected the Dutch ambassador's comments as 'interference' in local affairs [Getty/archive]

Jordan's foreign ministry rejected on Friday what it said was interference in its internal affairs by the Dutch ambassador who criticised the country's media freedoms.

The Netherlands' ambassador, Harry Verweij, reportedly commented on the licensing of a local radio station run by a non-Jordanian and non-Dutch citizen, during a meeting with Jordan's Minister of State for Media Affairs Faisal Shboul.

No further details were given by the foreign ministry, which in a statement called Verweij's actions "incomprehensible".

"Jordan is always open to frank dialogue that approaches all issues with all partners and friendly countries through diplomatic channels and direct contact, in accordance with diplomatic norms, but it does not accept interference in its internal affairs," the statement said.

In a tweet earlier this week, Verweij said he had discussed with Shboul his country's "concerns on Jordan’s declining international ranking on freedom of speech".

Jordan ranks 120 out of 180 nations in press freedom, according to the 2022 World Press Freedom Index.

Last year, Freedom House downgraded Jordan to "not free" from its previous status of "partially free".