Israeli tank 'runs over injured mother' in Gaza City's Shejaiya: Euro-Med

Israeli tank 'runs over injured mother' in Gaza City's Shejaiya: Euro-Med
The report by Euro-Med Monitor noted that a number of other incidents have been recorded where Israeli tanks ran over Palestinian civilians.
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30 June, 2024
The Israeli military reinvaded Gaza City's Shejaiya neighbourhood on Thursday [Getty]

An Israeli tank ran over a Palestinian woman in front of her son in Gaza City on Thursday, according to a rights monitor.

According to Euro-Med Monitor, 65-year-old Safiya Hassan Musa Al-Jamal was run over by a tank after she was injured by Israeli forces who stormed her house.

Safiya's son, Muhannad Al-Jamal, witnessed the incident.

According to Muhannad, the incident started at 10 am when Israeli forces first began entering Shejaiya, with his mother, three sisters and niece being forced to the first floor to avoid shelling and gunfire.

After sunset, Israeli soldiers stormed the house, with Muhannad saying that they "started firing at the walls randomly and threw five bombs amid gunfire" that injured him and his mother.

Euro-Med Monitor also acquired testimony from his sister Areeji, who said that a female soldier provided aid to Safiya. Israeli soldiers told both Areeji and Muhannad that their mother would go to a hospital.

However, Safiya and Muhannad were taken on top of Israeli tanks through the neighbourhood to the Mustaha Roundabout, where Safiya was placed on the road. After telling Muhannad she'd be taken to a hospital, a tank proceeded to run her over.

"When I saw the scene, I thought I had gone insane and began to cry and scream," Muhannad said, adding that he quickly fled after an eruption of gunfire.

Euro-Med noted in its report that it had documented other incidents where Israeli tanks had run over Palestinian civilians, including on 29 February when sixty-two-year-old Jamal Hamdi Hassan Ashour was run over in the Zeitoun neighbourhood of Gaza City.

It also said it documented an incident on 23 January when an Israeli tank ran over members of the Ghannam family in Khan Younis.

The New Arab has requested comment from the Israeli military on the incident, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

Israel's war on Gaza has killed 37,877 people and wounded a further 86,969 others, according to data from Gaza's health authorities.

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