Israeli settlers uproot dozens of olive trees in the West Bank

Israeli settlers uproot dozens of olive trees in the West Bank
Israeli settlers uprooted over one hundred olive saplings in a series of vandalism acts in the occupied West Bank on Thursday and Friday, according to local reports.
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06 February, 2022
Palestinian olive trees are often the target of Israeli settler vandalism [Getty]

Israeli settlers uprooted on Friday night 25 olive saplings in the village of Bruqin, occupied West Bank, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

The young trees belonged to landowner Hussam Samara, who expressed shock when he went to his land and discovered what happened. 

Meanwhile, on Thursday night, 90 fruit saplings belonging to Palestinian harvesters in the city of Salfit, occupied West Bank village were also uprooted.

Witnesses told Wafa that settlers uprooted 40 olive saplings from farmer Ali Yasin, who came from Yasuf village, and 50 grape saplings from farmer Najeh Harb, who came from the village of Kafr Al-Deek, both located in the Salfit governorate.

Yasin’s son saw that the young trees were destroyed when he entered the family’s ranch. While Harb said that his grape saplings were recently planted in his ranch.

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Acts of violence and vandalism targeting Palestinian properties are routine in the West Bank throughout the year, however such acts have intensified in the last two months.

Reports of acts of violence and vandalism against Palestinians are also rarely prosecuted by Israeli forces.

Olive trees are an indispensable source of revenue for many Palestinians, particularly in the West Bank, and acts of vandalism are a deliberate attempt to stifle their means of income.