Israeli police push Palestinian man out of wheelchair

Israeli police push Palestinian man out of wheelchair
A video has captured an Israeli security officer pushing a Palestinian man in a wheelchair to the floor, moments after a Palestinian girl was shot by troops.
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16 February, 2016
Tensions have been rising between Palestinians and Israeli police since October [Getty]

Footage has emerged showing a Israeli police officer push over a Palestinian in a wheelchair. 

The video, filmed by a local activist, has stirred anger among residents of the Palestinian city of Hebron where the assault took place.

It happened moments after a 20-year-old Palestinian woman was shot by Israeli forces and left bleeding on the roadside.

She had been accused of attempting to stab an Israeli police officer.

A crowd gathered, with individuals attempting to approach the woman - only to be forced back by Israeli police. 

One Palestinian man in a wheelchair tried to reach the woman, only to be tipped backwards out of his seat by an Israeli police officer.

Other Palestinians moved forward to assist the man, but were again forced back. One officer points his rifle at a man attempting to help the Palestinian man from the ground.

He is then kicked and ordered back, while a stun grenade is delivered into the crowd.

The video has been shared widely on social media. The Israeli justice ministry has said it will investigate. 

They said that the officer "dispersed the crowd" with "non-lethal means" and said the man in the wheelchair was part of the crowd.

Tensions have been high since a wave of Palestinian gun, knife and car-ramming attacks erupted at the start of October.


Since then, 172 Palestinians have been killed, many of whom were engaged in attacks against Israelis, but many others during clashes and demonstrations. The violence has claimed the lives of 26 Israelis, as well as an American, a Sudanese citizen and an Eritrean, according to an AFP count.