Israeli foreign minister secretly meets Palestinian intelligence chief

Israeli foreign minister secretly meets Palestinian intelligence chief
The Israeli foreign minister, who is due to become prime minister in little more than a year, met with the intelligence chief who is himself a potential candidate for the leadership of the Palestinian Authority.
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13 January, 2022
Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid (pictured) quietly met the Palestinian intelligence chief two weeks ago [Getty]

The Israeli Foreign Minister and alternate Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, discreetly met wtih Palestinian Authority intelligence chief Majed Faraj two weeks ago, Israeli media revealed on Wednesday.

The two figures did not discuss political or diplomatic developments, focusing instead on security issues.

The meeting comes in the wake of another high-level meeting attended by Lapid last month, in which Defence Minister Benny Gantz hosted Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas at his home. 

Faraj is seen as one of the potential candidates to succeed the ageing Palestinian leader.

Days ago, Lapid announced that his government will not relaunch talks on a two-state solution with the Palestinians, since the coalition agreements forbid it, but said he would attempt to convince his coalition partners to renew the negotiations.

In an agreement struck last year to establish Israel's current ruling coalition, current Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will serve as premier for the first half of the government's term, while Lapid serves as premier for the second half.

While Bennett's right-wing Yamina Party is opposed to a two-state solution, others in the coalition government including Lapid are more open to relaunching the frozen peace process with the Palestinians.