Israeli artist chains himself to statue of anti-Netanyahu protester

Israeli artist chains himself to statue of anti-Netanyahu protester
Jerusalem municipal authorities later dismantled the 'Hero of Israel' statue, which depicts an anti-Netanyahu protester.
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21 March, 2021
It is the second time authorities have removed the statue [Itay Zalait/Facebook]
An Israeli artist chained himself to a statue in Jerusalem on Sunday amid mass protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of next week's elections.

Itay Zalait attached himself to base of the "Hero of Israel" sculpture erected overnight in a bid to see the statue remain in Jerusalem's Paris Square near the prime minister's residence.

The statue, which depicts a masked protester facing off against a water cannon while holding the Israeli flag, was initially erected in the square in December last year but swiftly removed by authorities.

Zalait returned the "Hero of Israel" to Paris Square on Saturday evening as some 20,000 demonstrators massed in opposition to Netanyahu's reelection bid.

Weekly protests have repeatedly called for Netanyahu's resignation. The longtime Israeli premier is currently on trial on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Israeli authorities have since dismantled the statue, local media reported, sawing away at the "Hero of Israel" as Zalait and another individual remained attached to the base.

After muncipal authorities succesfully removed the statue from its base, demonstators jumped in the figure's place to pose as the "Hero of Israel" alongside the artist.

Earlier this week, Israeli authorities removed another statue that was installed in Tel Aviv's Habima Square by an unknown artist.

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The sculpture depicted a naked Netanyahu squatting and appearing to relieve himself.

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