Israeli ambassador attends Egyptian commemoration play of October War

Israeli ambassador attends Egyptian commemoration play of October War
Israel's new ambassador attended the play in Cairo, but did not receive VIP treatment as nobody informed the theatre of his arrival.
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08 October, 2016
The play was put on by the Egyptian ministry of culture [Facebook]
The Israeli ambassador to Egypt aroused controversy on Friday night after he attended a play in Cairo on the anniversary of the October War.

David Govrin, Israel's new ambassador, attended the play called 1001 nights, but was not given any VIP treatment because the theatre was not forewarned of his arrival.

"The Israeli ambassador attended the show, but we didn't recognise him at first because his face isn't known to many people," Ismail Mukhtar, manager of the Art House Theatre, told The New Arab.

"One of the guards later made us aware of his identity. At the end of the play, the theatre extended its congratulations to the audience in commemoration of the glorious October war and the ambassador left as normal."

The play, which starred Yahia Fakharani and was directed by Mohsen Helmy, was put on in collaboration with the Egyptian ministry of culture.

Egypt traditionally celebrates the 1973 October war against Israel, which it views as a success. It is believed that around 6,000 Israeli troops died, compared with 8,500 Egyptian and Syrians.