Israel revokes work-visas for entire Palestinian family following attack

Israel revokes work-visas for entire Palestinian family following attack
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10 February, 2017
Video: Israeli forces removed the work visas from the family of Sadeq Abu Mazen in a dawn raid, following a gun and knife attack on four people in Israel yesterday.

Israeli forces seized an entire Palestinian family's work permits in a pre-dawn raid on Friday, following a knife and gun attack in Petah Tikva, Israel the day previous.

Soldiers stormed the West Bank family home of Sadeq Nasser Abu Mazen in Beita al-Foka, near Nablus, after he was arrested for allegedly injuring four people.

A number of family members were also taken for questioning.

Israeli forces also captured a total of sixteen Palestinians on unconnected terrorism charges in the West Bank overnight.

Six people were arrested for reportedly helping other Palestinian citizens pass security checkpoints into Israel illegally.

Abu Mazen opened fire on a bus full of commuters at around 4:45 p.m local time, injuring two people, before stabbing and injuring another person inside a sewing shop.

He was later stopped and apprehended by civilians and arrested by police before being transferred to the national security agency, Shin Bet.

The emergency responders, the Red Star of David, said it evacuated three gunshot victims, including a man and a woman, both in their 50s and another 30-year old woman.

Another 40 year-old man was treated for stab wounds in his neck and ear at the local Rabin Medical Center.

It is common policy for Israeli agents to target the family members of Palestinians who engage in attacks on Israeli citizens, in an attempt to suppress popular support for these attacks.

The homes of these families are usually demolished or sealed off and family members are forced to sign documents banning them from speaking out about the attack.

Human rights groups argue that the policy amounts to collective punishment, as family members are forced to suffer for the acts of others.