Israel issues Syria warning after rockets hit occupied Golan

Israel issues Syria warning after rockets hit occupied Golan
More rocket fire hit the illegally annexed Golan Heights on Saturday, with Israel putting Damascus on notice after fighting between rebels and the regime spilled into the occupied Syrian territories.
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01 July, 2017
The Syrian-controlled side of the Golan has witnessed intense fighting this week [AFP]

Israel issued Syria with a stark warning on Saturday after fighting between the regime and rebels spilled into illegally-occupied areas of the Golan Heights.

The Israeli military issued a statement saying that although the projectiles that hit the Israeli-occupied territories of the Syrian Golan were "accidental", Damascus will be held responsible.

It comes after a week of heavy fighting between the Syrian regime and rebel fighters from the Jaish al-Mohammed operation room in nearby Quneitra.

Mortar shells and gunfire from the battles occassionally cross into Israeli-controlled territory.

Israel has launched four air strikes on Syrian regime positions in response to the accidental fire.

In the latest incident, the Israeli military said "two projectiles" hit the northern Golan, which was seized from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967.

There were no reports of casualties and the statement confirmed the explosions were the "result of internal fighting in Syria".

"Israel holds the Syrian regime responsible for any breach of its borders and will act accordingly," chief military spokesman, Brigadier General Ronen Manelis said in a statement. 

"Israel maintains a policy of non-involvement in the Syrian civil war. However, we will not tolerate any breach of Israel's sovereignty."